Double the Joy: Wedding Favours That Shine as Place Cards

Planning a wedding is a delightful journey filled with choices that reflect your unique style and personality. When it comes to wedding favors, why not make them do double duty? In this blog, we’ll explore the charming world of wedding favors that also serve as place cards, adding a personalized touch to your table settings. Discover how this creative twist can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

  1. Succulent Surprise: Instead of traditional place cards, opt for mini succulents with attached tags displaying your guests’ names and table assignments. This eco-friendly and adorable favour not only guides guests to their seats but also adds a touch of greenery to the table.
  2. Sweet Sentiments in Jars: Fill small jars with your favourite sweet treats and attach personalised tags with guest names and table numbers. Guests will enjoy a delightful treat and easily find their designated seats.
  3. Message in a Bottle: Embrace a beach or nautical theme by placing miniature bottles at each setting. Roll up a scroll with the guest’s name and table assignment, creating a charming “message in a bottle” effect.
  4. Personalised Plant Pots: Gift guests small potted plants with customised tags that double as place cards. This not only adds a touch of nature to the tables but also serves as a memorable keepsake.
  5. Key to Seating Harmony: For a vintage touch, attach antique-style keys to each guest’s place card, indicating their table assignment. This elegant and unique favour will leave a lasting impression.
  6. Corks of Connection: If you and your partner enjoy a good bottle of wine, consider using wine corks as place card holders. Attach cards with guest names and table numbers for a rustic and personalised touch.

Wedding favours that double as place cards not only add a touch of creativity to your table settings but also serve as meaningful keepsakes for your guests. From succulents to sweet treats, each idea brings a unique charm to your celebration. Explore these examples and let your imagination run wild as you find the perfect combination of practicality and personalization for your wedding day.

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