Do you need beautiful, effective marketing materials designed, but have no in house graphic designer or just want something created to reflect your current brand without the hefty design price tag? Our design services are a great place to start to ensure your business has the design it needs to create meaningful, elegant design within your budget. We have the skillset to get your design sorted; from forms to signage, we can give your business the boost it needs. Once your design is complete, we also have the print materials to get your vision created. Get in touch today if you have seen our portfolio and believe we would be a great match!

Graphic Design

Branding Packages

Label Design

Labels are a great way to advertise and share your brand with the world. Display them in creative ways to set your brand apart.

What Labels Can Do For Your Business:

  • Packaging Labels
  • Used as Seals for Packaging
  • Thank You Seals
  • Branded Closures

How We Design Your Labels:

  • Your Specifications- From any shape cut or size we design to the guidelines you give.
  • For Our Products- Our labels are created in many shapes and many sizes, we design to our templates and product specifications. 

Brochures, Postcards & Rack Cards

If you want to give your clients more information, an invitation or special price, brochures, postcards and rack cards are the medium to do it. Send a clear message to your potential clients and existing clients alike.

What Brochures, Postcards & Rack Cards Can Do For Your Business:

  • Information Delivery
  • Mailers
  • Coupon/Offers
  • Newsletters

How We Design Your Brochures:

  • Your Specifications- From any printable size whether US sizes or A sizes
  • For Our Products- US and A sized Printed Products
  • Need help with content for your products? We have access to wonderful copywriters that will help!

Important things to note: Design starting prices are based on clients providing their own written content and Ocular Kraft providing the design. 

Business Cards

Business cards will always be “in” no matter how much technology is present. Give your clients a reminder of your services, schedule an appointment or use as a special offer, there are many great uses for business cards.

What Business Cards Can Do For Your Business:

  • Information Delivery
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Coupon/Offers
  • Small Thank You Tokens

How We Design Your Business Cards:

  • Your Specifications- From Any Shape Cut or Size
  • For Our Products- Printed in Sheets

Important things to note: Price is inclusive of design and 2 revisions. 


If you offer products, services or want to create a portoflio, catalogues can be the way to do that. Let’s get your information turned into something stunning that is a real showpiece.

What Catalogues Can Do For Your Business:

  • Information Delivery
  • Organisation of Multiple Products or Services
  • Portfolios
  • Magazines

How We Design Your Catalogues:

  • Your Specifications- From Any Book or Page Size Requirement
  • For Our Products- Printed Through Print Providers

Important things to note: Starting price reflects up to 10 pages with Client’s marketing materials provided.

PDF Fillable Forms

Forms make it easy to get information from your clients in a clean, consice manner. No fuss! 

What Forms Can Do For Your Business:

  • Information Collection
  • Readable Formats
  • Website Capabilities

How We Design Your Fillable Forms:

  • Your Specifications- From Any PDF