Our simple ordering process


You’ve made your invitation selection and are ready to get started with your personalisation. We will be in touch with you to get your ideas, feedback and any additional information you may want to include with your invitations. Now relax while we get your invitations ready to review.

Design & Revisions

We now create your suite with your style in mind. The process can take between 1-3 days to complete. Client communication is key to a quick turnaround time. We encourage our clients to get as many of the changes submitted within the first proof so there is no delay.


Once your design is perfect, we will get your invitations into production. This process usually takes 7 to 10 days to complete depending on print requirements, assembly (if ordered) and print processes. We will be in touch if any issues arise. If not, just sit back and relax. It’s under control.


Our laser-cut collection does ship internationally. Shipping is done usually within 1-7 business days. Rush orders may be possible, but we need to ensure we can meet your deadlines prior to purchase. If you have any questions about timing, please get in touch PRIOR to your purchase.

Printing Methods

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a perfect printing method for using images on invitations. It allows for a nice smooth, flat finish on your stock. This print process can be used for envelope printing and as a more budget-friendly print option.

Foil Printing

Foil printing uses metal plates and a foil sheet to press the finished design onto your chosen stock. This is perfect for text, accents, or anything that is a lined design. If you are looking to add a touch of glass and luxury to your invitations, foil is the way to go.


Letterpress has different variations, but the same principle. Your design is pressed into a thick paper leaving a soft pillow-pressed indention in the stock. Blind letterpress uses no ink, and our standard letterpress can use single colour ink.


This printing allows for a slightly raised ink surface and provides a tactile experience. UV printing is baked onto the design with UV light and allows for many colours of a design to be printed in this wonderful tactile style.

Paper stocks

Our chart will show you how papers can be used and correlated to make sure you have your dream vision. Our stocks can be used for any laser-cut pocket or to print on. Glitter stocks cannot be printed on, but are used as accents and laser-cut pockets. Any of our stocks can be used to make envelopes, if not our standard colours, additional cutting fees may apply. For letterpress printing we offer two cotton stocks; 350gsm and 600gsm.

FOIL colours

These are a few of our most popular colours. In some cases, we do offer additional colour foils; additional fees may apply.

Our standard envelope colours

Standard envelope colours are 120gsm weight and come in your choice of Ivory Shimmer, Blush Shimmer, Emerald Green, Glittering Navy, Metallic Gold or Dusty Blue. All of our stocks can be cut into envelopes, including velvet, glitter stocks or card stocks. An additional fee may be applied.

Envelopes come in rectangular and square options to suit. We also have outer envelopes for sending velvet or envelopes with liners in.

Ribbon Types

satin ribbon colour collection

chiffon ribbon colour collection

Wax seal colours