Our graphics and monograms are proprietary. Let us know what additional printing you need and will arrange it with our wide range of products and vendors. If you need a graphic or monogram for your website, we can provide a jpeg or png with a resolution appropriate for web use for an additional charge of $40.

This tradition comes from a notion that long ago, mail was delivered by the Pony Express and it was not often a clean process on the way to the recipient. An outer envelope was used to keep the inner envelope clean to deliver to the Master of the house. Today we may not have such a messy time delivering the post, but there is still a place for outer envelopes in our modern world.

How to Address the Envelopes

The inner envelope allows you to dictate exactly who is included in the invitation, avoiding an awkward misunderstanding on the day of the event. If you are inviting the entire family, spell out the names of everyone invited as follows; Mr & Mrs. Howard, Kelly Howard, Clark Howard & Erin Howard. If allowing a single person to bring a guest you would write Ms. Lesley Lemon and Guest, for example.

The outer envelope is addressed, traditionally, using titles, first, and last names. Etiquette rules state that you may abbreviate the tiles, like Dr, Miss, or Mr. but you should not abbreviate the address. You’ll want to spell out Street not St. Boulevard not Blvd. , and so on.

How To Assemble with the Outer Envelope

After addressing your envelopes, if you have chosen an envelope liner option for your invitations, you’ll want to line the inner envelope, which is typically not sealed. I can suggest that if you are using a dark coloured pocket invitation, you may want to use a sheet of tissue overlay to protect the printed invitation in transit, it ensures that the colours won’t run onto the printed piece.  Place the pocket invitation into the addressed envelope so that the back of the pocket invitation is seen when you lift the envelope flap. You will then place this inside the outer envelope so that when the outer envelopes is opened, you see the names written on the inner envelope.

Quote Postage First

To avoid any mistakes and misdeliveries, it is a great idea to take a completed suite to the post office and confirm your postage before doing the entire batch.

Contact us ASAP. If your order has not gone into production, we will fix the error. If we have started the process, we will let you know what options there are at that point.

The outer envelope is used as extra protection to keep your invitations pristine. This is especially important when you are using envelope liners. You do not want your guests cutting through your beautiful liners while opening the envelope.

Our swatches have a formulated a list of CMYK colour codes that directly correspond with our standard colour cardstocks. Please keep in mind that these codes are intended to be true when printed on plain white cardstock, colored cardstocks may skew the color.

We can design a custom website to match your invitation. Prices start at $700. Please send us the details and we can get a more accurate quote together for you.

With most of our invitations, we do offer a white-glove service. The price to assemble, stamp and post varies on the number of pieces in your order and the quantity. Postage is also determined based on the weight and size of your invitations. During the order stages, get in touch if you are interested in the service and we will give you a quote.

We offer 3 rounds of edits with your purchase. Please consolidate all changes into one round if possible. Additional edits will be at $25 per revision needed.

Will someone check for errors and spelling?

If we do see something, you will be notified, however, proofreading, and spell-checking are the responsibility of the client. We will do our part to make sure we provide you with professionalism, and we ask that you take the time to ensure the details and wording are correct BEFORE approving your proof.

Your envelope addressing is important as it is the method of understanding who is and who is not invited to your wedding.

Click Here to view examples of addressing on Addressing Etiquette

Absolutely! Please fill out our Quote form here and we will work with you to create your dream invitations.

Absolutely! We have done many orders in various languages. Simply submit a Word document with your wording typeset into the language. Please also include any font files that are necessary to render the language correctly. As with all invitations, proofreading and spell checking are your responsibility.

Ordering and Printing

While we do not have metallic inks, we do have a product we can use called Digitallics. This is great for short runs or personalized items such as escort cards, favour tags or stickers. There are restrictions on what we can do with this print technology and it in no way replaces hot stamp foil. Here are some important keynotes about Digitallics:

It CAN be combined with giclee printing where the giclee print is a background or a small accent only (no text): i.e. watercolour wash behind table numbers, floral prints or patterns on escort cards, watercolour monogram on a sticker, or photo tag for favours.

Digitallics CANNNOT be combined with laser printing.

Digitallics can only be applied to very smooth cardstock , no textured papers, cotton or handmade options)

Digitallics is completely flat so if you are looking for a bit more texture or press, we recommend foil.

Yes, our lasercut invitations require a minimum of 50 invitations (sets) for our Bespoke and Semi-Custom orders, we have a 35 minimum quantity order.

We have a minimum reorder of 25. If your invitation suite uses a die, there will be another setup and run fee. It is best to order extras at the time of placing your order to avoid incurring additional costs.

No, your guest address list needs to be submitted once you are ready to approve your order for production. Please make sure it is complete prior to submission. Our merge templates do not check for spelling mistakes, Please ensure all of the information is correct prior to submission.

Yes, we can special order paper and envelopes that we do not have listed on our site. Though this is dependent on what our printers can run. We do carry many paper providers like Gmund, Mohawk, Idyll and many top-quality papers already that are not listed. Just ask and we will be happy to see what we can do.

Yes, we do! Each piece is different and requires different methods of finishing, but please inquire as we can quote you at the time of your order.

Should you need to add or change your order, please email directly. We do our best to meet these requests, but cannot guarantee that this can always be done, even if your order is still in assembly. In some cases we may need to cancel your current order & place a new one.


We offer a variety of shipping options. Please keep in mind our normal 1-3 business day processing time when choosing your shipping speed.  If you would like to upgrade your shipping speed after your order has been placed, please submit an email and request this.  Shipping upgrades can only be made while the order is still processing. Unfortunately, we are not able to adjust shipping speeds after the packaged has been shipped.

We make every effort at the time of your order being placed to ensure we have the quickest and best options for your invitation shipment.

Absolutely!  Please make note of some very important information below for additional clarification:

International Shipping Notes:

ALL DUTY & CUSTOMS RELATED CHARGES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER. Couriers may charge a customs collection fee(COD) by cash/check, upon package delivery. Rate varies between locations. International packages are marked as manufactured in the U.S.A. We do not misrepresent the value of our products under any circumstances. Shipping times are in addition to assembly times.Canada Import taxes are now paid at your online checkout. We get the lowest possible rates for you. This guarantees your order will deliver on time and with no further payments required.

United Kingdom There will be a VAT (value added tax) of 20% and small COD fee due upon delivery.

All other Countries – You, the receiver, are responsible for paying any customs fees at the time of delivery. These rates are set by your home country for imported goods.

A shipping confirmation email is sent just as soon as your order is packed up and ready to go. This confirmation email will not include any tracking information. The tracking email is sent later in the day. Please be certain that you enter your email address accurately, as this is the address we will also send the shipping confirmation and tracking information to.

A basic pocket invitation, complete with enclosures, will weigh under 56g (2 oz),   and a more complex pocket invitation with more embellishments will be likely to weigh above 56g (2 oz) and under 85g (3 oz). This is a rough idea on weight, so that you can contact your local post office and query their rates. It is best to go directly to the post office with a complete suite for an accurate price.


Our online store accepts major credit cards. Please note that we do use Stripe as our credit card processor. We also accept payments through Pay Pal. Direct Bank Transfer is also accepted.

While we do aim to be reasonably priced for design, we do offer payment plans. Though upon any order related to custom design work, we automatically accept 50% of the full design price upfront before we start a project. This 50% is non-reundable.

All design payment plans can be tailored to suit your needs, however, design products and services will not be completed until the order is paid in full.

Cancellations & Returns

We understand that unexpected circumstances sometimes arise after placing your order. We ask that you contact us immediately if you need to cancel your order. All cancellations are subject to 15% cancellation fee. Custom products, such as custom cut cardstock and printed items cannot be canceled or returned if they have already been made. As orders are processed very quickly, sometimes within an hour of submitting the order, time is of the essence.

Ocular Kraft will accept returns within 15 days of the purchase. A 25% restocking fee is applied to all returned items. We are unable to accept the following for return: clearance or discontinued items, sample items, customized or custom printed items, special orders, and custom cut cardstock. To avoid paying a restocking fee and additional shipping back and forth, we suggest trying a sample first. All samples include shipping.

Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund on any custom design work or digital shop items due to the nature of those products. Should you require assistance with your download, please contact Ocular Kraft directly for help.