Does the Perfect Wedding Invitation Exist?

Yes! It really does! But don’t expect to be scrolling through Pinterest and find your perfect invitation at first sight (though it may happen that way, it doesn’t always). It all comes down to planning and collaboration between you and a stationer whos work you LOVE. Someone who’s willing to be chatty and get as excited about your day as you already are and most importantly, someone who can share your vision!

As a stationer, I can tell you that dreams really CAN come true when selecting invitations. Stationery is truly more than “just” the invitations or cute little favours you want to create… it makes a statement to your guests, it sets a mood for your event and it completes “the look” of your big day. Most people think that their wedding invitations are not as important as say, the cake or photography, but I will beg to differ, (and no, that is not because I want people to buy my stationery!) but if you look at the wedding on a whole, you will see what I mean.

  • It sets the mood for your event

Weddings come in all forms and variations from culture to couples. Each wedding is supposed to be the union of two people and their families, values, beliefs and ideas. Just as every love story is not the same, no wedding invitation suite is going to be the same. Your stationery needs to reflect YOU as a couple and it needs to start your story from the beginning. Are you having a formal affair? Or is it relaxed and comfortable? Are you going to allow children at your event? Or do you want something to indulge your adult friends and family only? Is it going to be an ELABORATE weekend getaway? Or just a quick fun intimate occasion? So many things can be said with paper, colour, tone of wording, etc.

If you are going to be doing a long weekend with an itinerary, you are going to want to incorporate maybe some additional cards in your invitation style. For a smaller wedding, maybe you can do something beautiful with invitation and envelope with some lovely embellishments to really give the guests the “wow” factor without going too overboard in costs and the message. These are things to consider before you set out to find your perfect invitation.

  • Themes, Colours and Dreams!

Ok! This is truly one of my favourite parts!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE colour… and I love hearing about my clients’ dreams and visions for their big day! Oodles and oodles of ideas come flooding in and I cannot help but to get excited. So you have narrowed down a sort of style with your invitation ideas, now its time to incorporate your theme and colour palette. Brides usually have a colour palette in mind, but what I suggest doing before seeing a stationer, is getting a Pinterest board ready and full of your ideas and colour palettes. This will help your designer imagine where you want to go to with your invitations and colours. Once your designer sees your “pinspiration” the creativity can flow!

What style of invitation do you want to be designed? Are you looking for something bespoke and painted and illustrated just for you? That can make a BIG statement to your guests! Or maybe go with a simple typography style with the focus on the printing instead! Many statements were made with letterpress, I can tell you from experience! You have to decide what is going to suit you, as a couple! Your stationer should help guide you gently through this process because it can be a bit overwhelming at times. A good stationer will grab your vision right away, and (despite popular hearsay) narrow down your choices to a FEW! Trust me, this will make your life EASIER!

  • Printing Styles

This topic is MY true love! I love the colours and themes, but this is what sets my heart and creativity to excessive happiness! I absolutely LOVE what can be done with print! Imagine… paper has colours, rich textures and copious amounts of options to create the perfect invitation! Linens, cotton, handmade, vellum and of course things like UV printing, foil printing, die-cutting, and so much more can be accomplished with printing and what invitations are printed on. Who doesn’t love a nice thick textured paper pressed firmly with plates to give such a feel to your invitation? or a glossy foil in a beautiful rich colour to accent your details of the invitation? I have seen clients take one of each and make a statement and then I have seen the smallest of accents done with such grace!

Your invitations, your way. Dream a little! Set a budget and talk to your stationer if you want these things to be incorporated! It’s so worth it. These looks can also be continued to your on the day stationery to keep the look cohesive.

  • And Finally… the Embellishments to Complete the Look

Who doesn’t love the finer details? Wax seals with lavender flowers in them or big bulky ribbons with character, and how about crystals for that little bit of bling and shine? The final accents can be the way to make it official. Belly bands are great for bundling your suite nicely, but can also be added to with a twine or wax seal on top! So many options, so many ways to do things, get creative! This is where your dreams continue the excitement to the next part of your event.

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