Wedding Stationery: Timelines & Staying Organised Through Planning

The question has been popped! Time to whip out the bubbly and celebrate! Congratulations on your engagement! This is truly an exciting time for any couple and contrary to all the horror stories you hear about planning and organising this should totally be one of the best experiences leading up to your big day! So what’s the key to enjoying this period of courtship? PLANNING.

When you know what to do and how to do it, things are going to run much smoother. Sure, there will be some hiccups along the way, but you won’t fret because YOU know what to do and you will have complete control of your wedded bliss! Right? ABSOLUTELY!

Probably one of the most looked over portions of wedding planning is the stationery. Why? Well, all we need to think about are the invitations, R.S.V.P. and some Save the Date Cards, Right? It requires a little more care than that to pull of the wedding stationery for your big day. There are many things to consider when planning for your stationery such as what products you are really going to need on the day, before the day and of course after the day! Organising your stationery can smooth other planning obligations so it is an important topic to think about.

I’m going to share a couple of points to remember. I always advise my clients in advance about these things because many times in the midst of all their planning and organising, deadlines are forgotten. These points could also help to save your budget because there won’t be a need for expedited shipping and designing fees due to increased pressure.

  1. Wedding Invitation Design: This process can take some time that really should be factored in. Some things to consider here are things like the time that it takes to organise your proof, revisions, and editing of your design package. Each wedding suite that is created is unique in sizing and layout styles; designs need to be modified to fit your pocket style or suite choice. Remember that it takes designers time to create various sized inserts to fit pockets and while we have templates usually, each is just a starting point that needs to be improved upon. From experience, I’d say you need to allow an additional week here to ensure that everything is running smooth. I like to inform my clients long before of my work load so that we can plan accordingly to their schedules and mine which works in favour for both parties! YAY!
  2. Wedding Suite Samples: Now, this is something that not every couple invests in, but it really should be on the list! I cannot express or recommend enough to clients that they really should invest in a Wedding Suite Sample. Why? This is the BEST way to check for sizing, layout, colour, stock, and any additional issues that could creep up in your invitation suite that may not have been thought of. As a designer myself, I have experienced many invitation sets coming through and know what to look for, but there is always a possibility of human error or something that could potentially get overlooked. The sample provided to clients is the best way to rectify this and possibly save an immense amount of stress. Samples are hand cut and prepared to give clients an idea of where things are going to be cut off or how they layout is going to appear. They are truly well worth the investment! This process could take 1-3 weeks depending on what is ordered, so plan ahead and make sure to factor some time in if you wish to have a sample of your invite printed in advance.
  3. Order Shipping: Ok! So now we have the invites sorted, we know what we want and how it’s going to look! Now let’s place that order! I’m sure we were not expecting it overnight, but this process CAN take a bit of time. Many of our invitations come pre assembled and mounted already, but some sets are shipped and clients need to assemble. Depending on the choices made you could be looking at anywhere from 2-6 weeks before delivery. An additional thing to consider is the nature of printing your invitations. For example, foiled products or thermographic inks could take a longer time to print so add another day or two to processing. All things to consider before placing that order. Sure, there is expedited shipping on items, but why stress yourself and budget when simple planning could save the day! I always try to advise my client on a date of delivery in advance during the planning stages. In their information packs, we work on a timeline and schedule to ensure everything runs smoothly! So rest assured, you will stay on top of your planning!

Thank you for reading this post and learning a little more about the preparation of invitations! This is a subject I’m totally in love with and it’s a joy to share with clients and potential clients any information that will help them ensure they enjoy this just as much as I do! To share the love, I have created a free little download to give couples a bit of help in the planning stages! Feel free to get this download here.


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