Velvet Silk Ribbon

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Ribbons, as versatile embellishments for invitations, lend themselves to a myriad of applications. Ideal for tasteful ties, wax seals, graceful wraps around vellum covers, or securing through favour tags, these ribbons epitomise refinement and artistry.

Ribbon Specifications: Introducing the Velvet Silk Ribbon, an embodiment of sophistication, offered in widths of 0.75″, 1.5″, and 2″. Our meticulously curated 2.5-yard spools of velvet silk ribbons stand as a testament to the discerning taste of those who seek elegance.

Determining Your Ribbon Requirement: Precision in presentation demands thoughtful consideration. To ascertain the requisite amount of ribbon, envision your suite or save-the-dates adorned with the desired bow, tie, or wax seal. Measure in inches, then judiciously divide by twelve (12) to acquire the footage, mindful of the trifold conversion to yards. Base your order on this calculated sum, with the wisdom of a prudent surplus—anticipating any unforeseen needs. It is the epitome of foresight to possess an excess rather than a deficit.

Noteworthy Considerations: In the realm of the hand-dyed, our silk ribbons bear the hallmark of individuality, and therefore, discerning patrons may observe nuanced colour differentials between spools, reflecting the artisanal craftsmanship intrinsic to our collection.

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