Trim Silk Ribbon

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Elevate the aesthetic of your invitations with our refined Trim Silk Ribbon—a testament to understated elegance for those who appreciate the art of subtlety. Ideal for tasteful tying, delicate sealing with wax, or adorning vellum covers and favour tags, this ribbon brings a touch of sophistication to every detail of your event.

Ribbon Specifications: Indulge in the delicate allure of our Trim Silk Ribbon, presented in a slender 0.35″ width. Offered in 2.5-yard spools, available in packs of 3, 12, and 24, providing the perfect quantity for your discerning needs.

Determining Your Ribbon Requirement: Unlock the perfect amount of ribbon for your project by envisioning your suite or save-the-dates adorned in your desired style—be it a bow, tie, or wax seal. Once measured in inches, divide that number by twelve (12) to convert to feet (considering three feet in a yard). Base your order on this calculated total, adding a prudent surplus for any unforeseen needs. An abundance is recommended, ensuring you have more than less.

Important Considerations: It’s worth noting that our silk ribbons are hand-dyed, imbuing each spool with subtle colour variations. This artisanal touch enhances the uniqueness of each ribbon, contributing to the bespoke quality that defines our collection.

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