Trim Silk Ribbon

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Ribbons can be used in a wide variety of ways to embellish your invitations. Perfect when tied or sealed with wax, wrapped around vellum covers, or tied through favor tags.

Ribbon Specifications:

Trim Silk Ribbon is available in a 0.35″ width. We offer 2.5-yard spools available in packs of 3, 12 and 24.

How Much Ribbon Should You Order?

In order to find out how much ribbon you need, you will need to wrap your suite or save the dates in the way you’d like your ribbon to be, whether with a bow, tied, or wax sealed. Once you have that measurement in inches, you will divide that number by twelve (12) in order to get the measure in feet, there are three feet in a yard. Base your order on that number for your total amount. We recommend adding a little more, just in case the need should arise. It is always better to have a little more than less.

Things To Note:

Our silk ribbons are hand-dyed, therefore there may be slight color variations between spools.