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I think so many brides would agree that nothing is more lovely than pairing a beautiful blush with a striking navy blue. Lovely was created with that exact idea in mind. From its lace wrap to blush pink paper selections we think this is one invitation that is just great the way it is, but of course, everything is customisable.



Format: Pocket & Wrap
Pocket Dimensions: 155mm x 155mm / 6.1″ x 6.1″ in Glittering Navy
Invitation Dimensions: 140mm x 140 mm / 5.5″ x 5.5″ in Blush Shimmer
Invitation Matte: 150mm x 150mm / 5.9″ x 5.9″ in Brushed Matte Silver
Ribbon: in #43 Light Pink
Monogram Square: 50mm x 50mm / 2″ x 2″  in Brushed Matte Silver
Printed Monogram: 45mm x 45mm / 1 4/5″ x 1 4/5″ in Blush Shimmer
R.S.V.P. card: 127mm x 89mm / 5″ x 3.5″ in Blush Shimmer
Main Envelope:160mm x 160mm / 6 1/3″ x 6 1/3″ in White Shimmer
R.S.V.P. Envelope: 130mm x 97mm / 5 1/5″ x 3 4/5″ in White Shimmer