Laser Cut Invitation Mat- 10 Pack




Use these laser mats to give your invites a beautiful finish by placing them over the printed invitation.

Additional information

Laser Mat Colour

Adriatic, Amethyst, Antique Gold*, Aquamarine*, Azalea*, Azure Blue, Berrylicious, Bitter Chocolate, Botanic*, Bronze*, Brown, Bubinga**, Burgundy, Candy Pink, Cipria, Bubble Gum, Cobalt, Copper*, Coral, Cotton Candy, Cream Puff, Crystal*, Ebony, Factory Yellow, Dark Grey, Dusty Rose, Gold*, Gold Leaf*, Fairway*, Flame*, Forrest, Grape Jelly, Grapesicle, Gum Drop Green, Harvest, Hot Fudge, Imperial Blue, Jade*, Jellybean Green, Jupiter*, Kunzite*, Lagoon*, Lavender, Lemon Drop, Light Amethyst*, Lime*, Limeade, Limba**, Mandarin, Mars, Misty Rose*, Onyx*, Opal*, Orange Fizz, Park Green, Peach, Peacock Teal*, Pistachio, Powder Green, Punch*, Purple, Quartz*
Real Grey, Red, Rose Quartz*, Sand*, Sapphire, Scarlet, Shadow*, Shiny Blue*, Silver*, Snocone, Snow White, Soft Coral*, Sorbet Yellow, Sour Apple
Sparkling Merlot*, Sparkling Sapphire*, Spearmint, Straw Kraft, Tabriz Blue, Tangy Orange, Tindaloo**, Turquoise, Ultra Black, Violett*, Vista*, Watermelon, Wild Cherry

Mat Size

4.75" x 6.75", 5" x 7", 5.25" x 7.25", 5.875" x 5.875"