Exciting Time Ahead; New Product Releases for the Year!

Let’s bring in the New Year in style, shall we? I always like the new year beginning because it feels like this is the perfect time to release some new products and ideas to come! So, let’s see what is planned for this year!

Mirror Paper

Mirror paper has been around for quite some time, but we are going to start making it a part of our own stationery line. I think if mirror paper is used as an accent, it truly does add a touch of class to any invitation, though you would not want to overuse this powerful stock. From mirror gatefolds to mirror liners, we are now going to be stocking many products with this elegant feature.

Destination Watercolour Series

Now, this is truly going to be my favourite part of the year with the introducing this series. Did you know that we aren’t just invitation specialists, but artists as well? Watercolour is our medium of choice, but there truly is no limit to what can be accomplished in invitations when you combine multi media outlets. This year in trends, couples are going to be finding unique ways of creating their invitations and so we’d like to have a starting point for the couples to really express themselves.

Let the cat out of the bag! I have partnered with a Swedish watercolour painter who paints the most wonderful rustic kind of landscapes and who has a natural talent for illustration too! Over the course of this year, we are hoping to collaborate and introduce a series that is totally a different style to what the market has been seeing. While it may not be abstract or too far out like one would think when they hear the word “unique,” I believe couples will find a natural and organic feel to this watercolour style. The plans are to create a foundation of this series and then also offer a bespoke service for the bride that will not settle on just any invitation. The service will include being able to have a watercolour piece just for the couple. No detail this year shall be left out.

Bespoke Design

Now, while bespoke is not something we are new to, it will be a focus for this year. While I do believe having a standard is a must, I do not believe it should end there. Real creativity comes when we are allowed to run free and have only the sky as the limit. There are no set ways to create invitations. With so many textiles, stocks and options out there in the world, who says there should be one way of doing it? You are unique as a couple and if you believe something that will express your uniqueness is using a cotton invite with a rich textile bag to deliver your message, then do it! No one says there is one right way to do inviting, so long as you do it in style. Let us collaborate and find out what we can do to make sure your invitations are as unique as your love.


I look forward to rolling out some of these ideas soon! And I hope that you will be as excited as I am about the new year! Looking forward to hearing from many unique couples this year!

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