2018 Wedding Invitation Trends — What are the top trends in Invitation Design?

Well, another year has come and gone so we look to new horizons. From reading Pantone’s latest article on the chosen colour of the year, it feels as though we are really needing this change and broad horizons. With the exciting release of Ultra Violet, there is hope of really setting new limits. This could be YOUR year!


I wonder if people realize how much thought goes into choosing the colour of the year. I’m sure there is more effort than meets the eye and I’m also sure, it’s not just picking a pretty colour that you think should be the colour of the year. It is interesting to think that in some way, choosing this colour is what sets the trends for the new year. Or at least it feels like that’s the case in the design and fashion world. However, I know it goes way beyond that level of thinking.


Let’s talk trends! What exciting things do you think are going to happen in the world of invitations? I can already see that there are so many well-known companies all on the same page with their choice in trends, so let’s see what’s happening! I am only going to touch on the 5 trends because, honestly, it’s a trend, right? Not what every single person is doing with their particular invitation or selection, but what the mass majority are following. If you are having your big day this year, here is what you can expect to see across the board with inspiration, colour palettes and the top trends:


  1. Watercolour


I have said it before and I will say it again, I really do not believe that the watercolour trend is going to fade away any time soon. There is a plethora of designs featuring watercolour motifs; from the lush flora and fauna to beautiful illustrations depicting destinations, this trend really leaves a lasting impression. Imagine how much beauty there is in a plush watercolour paper laced with delicate strands of paint in an ombre style. Ooh la la! I say, “Keep it coming!”, but that is because I am partial to it, seeing that I paint myself using watercolour as the choice medium.


  1. Darks & Metallic


This next trend is sure to leave its mark on 2018; Darks and metallic. We aren’t just speaking of dark paper stocks and metallic foil features, but really moody colours will be a hit also! Striking contrasts between colour pallets and shiny metals. I believe there will also be a great pull as to combining textures into the designs. The luxurious feel of foil impressions and thick beautiful paper stocks is sure to please anyone receiving an invitation to your big day this year. Who knows? Maybe this trend will stick around. Let’s see what comes next!


  1. Geometric


Oooh! I absolutely LOVE this style and trend! Geometric is so chic and minimal and lends itself to a lot of creativity. For example, I think people are going to experiment with different shapes and cuts this year instead of the status quo of the rectangular invitation. Geometric goes beyond the shape of the invite itself, but also to the motif and use of lines in the invitation itself. It reminds me so much of Scandinavian design. The purity and neutrality in colour mixed with a striking juxtaposition of shape. If you are keen to explore this option, I think you’ll find a lot of wonderful stationers to assist in creating a monumental invitation of distinction.


  1. Envelope Liners


Envelope liners? Now when I first read about this trend, I really had to ask myself WHY the Envelope liner? I think it makes sense now. The liner is an element that should not be overlooked when putting your invitations together. They can be the outlet of everything you want to express that could not be directly expressed on your invitation. For example, if you are having a destination wedding, why not choose your favourite scene from this location and have it beautifully printed or painted onto the liner itself? What an eye-catching feature. Monograms and patterns also look great on liners. Really, there is no limit to what you could do creatively with an envelope liner. I believe this feature adds something truly special to your invitation and will be well received by your guests.


  1. Typography/Calligraphy


And finally, we get to how to present that wording on your invitation. I am a fontaholic for sure. I collect so many fonts annually it’s enough to make one’s head spin. But, can you really blame me? Typography has always been one of my favourite design elements and it’s possibly because of the cleanness of serif and san serif letter forms or the ability to express such emotion with the perfect calligraphic font.

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